Taking a view of my life.

I’ve just been watching “The Walton’s” (my absolutely favorite show of all times!) and “Little House on the Prairie” and have realized I don’t think I would have made a very good Pioneer woman like Caroline in “Little House” but I’ve always identified with Olivia on “The Walton’s” and feel like I lived my life similiarly to hers. (I watched one episode yesterday where she took a painting class…. I just finished taking an Art Class – something I haven’t done in decades literally!!!

I remember when I was growing up I loved the Victorian Era and even the Pioneer Era. I’ve always loved long dresses and long curly hair, making everything by hand, decorating my house with home made items…. and in some ways I lived that kind of life.

When I graduated high school I had absolutely no direction in my life. I loved drawing and writing and making things but had no idea how I could make money from my interests. I worked but wasn’t making any money to speak of. I went to college some but still didn’t know what I wanted to do and ended up dropping out. I eventually got married and had two sons. We were not financially stable and so I actually ended up making most everything that I decorated our house with: quilts, curtains, wooden country decorative items, stools, shaker clock, pillows, crocheted afghans, crocheted lamp shades, crocheted lace collars, and all kinds of things. It was actually very satisfying. There were some times that I was able to sell some of the things I made by hand and that felt great! And there were times when I actually worked a job outside the house once the boys went to school. I worked at Rose’s Dept. Store as a clerk, worked at a Photography Studio fixing pictures, worked at a Florist and clerk at an open air florist in a Mall, and did sell country crafts at parties.

It was satisfying in many ways but there were things about it I didn’t like, all the things I didn’t like to do when I was growing up: housework, babysitting, couldn’t cook… were all the things I ended up doing when I grew up. And though my boys are grown and out on their own I still don’t like doing housework, cooking though I must admit I am pretty good at it now.

I ended up divorced and got remarried. I worked for the first five years of our marriage, lost my job, then got sick with Fibromyalgia. My husband, Burton, had always thought that I should do something with my art and so we printed up some cards and I went store to store selling my art as cards. I had my cards in lots of stores in my hometown and in some places in North Carolina plus was selling online. Had to stop because I had Breast Cancer and had to go through chemo and radiation and then recooperate.

I have been trying to figure out how to restart the business, my poor brain is killing me from all the thinking. Now I am beginning to formulate what I have to do. I am thinking of doing an online group funding to get the money to get the business started on and on the ground running! I’ll let you know when I get it started!


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Photobombed by Cat!

Got me some basal cell cancer on my forehead and last week had a Moh’s proceedure to remove it. Got 8 stitches and then my eyes swelled up like when I went through chemo. Well, it is very hard to wash your hair when you have 8 stitches on your forehead so it gets greasy. Last night I took some selfies to post around to encourage peeps to use sunscreen but the pictures were way bad so I erased them…. all but one… my cat photobombed me! She is looking at me and saying “Hankdag, what happened to you?”

Julia Ruane-Smith's photo.

New Years Eve…

Well, this year is going to end in the same way it has been all year… my laptop is once again screwing up. What is up with this laptop? I went to Chrome to post here on my Blog but it didn’t have the pencil to be able to post! And on Firefox told me that my Kaspersky add-on had been disabled again but it works fine on Chrome! Do you know how many times I have had to get Geek Squad to fix this stupid thing? Not their fault, it is this dufus laptop! Argh!

And my son, who lives in Paris, France and yes he was there during Paris’s 9-11 but he was at home and safe, is now partying the New Year In at Times Square in NYC! Argh!

Well, let my call my Geek and get this stupid thing fixed yet again! and say a prayer or more for protection for my son!


Oh oh, who let the cat out?

Burton created a monster today! We were sitting out on our deck and one of our cats, D.C. was hollering cuz he wanted to come out.. Burton got up and went inside. Something told me he was up to no good and I was right…. he put D.C. on a leash and brought him out on the deck through the sliding glass door from the dining room. Later he went in and I was sitting on the deck reading and listening to D.C. throwing a fit because he wanted to come out. Then he got quiet. The mother in me said quiet when ‘kids’ are around is not a good thing. I looked up and saw D.C. come around the corner of the fireplace. I picked him up (not exactly an easy thing cuz he is a fat boy) and peeked around the corner. Just what I figured… DC. created a screen door opening so he could come out, too. D.C. earned his name. Perhaps Burton did, too…. here’s your sign!