New Years Eve…

Well, this year is going to end in the same way it has been all year… my laptop is once again screwing up. What is up with this laptop? I went to Chrome to post here on my Blog but it didn’t have the pencil to be able to post! And on Firefox told me that my Kaspersky add-on had been disabled again but it works fine on Chrome! Do you know how many times I have had to get Geek Squad to fix this stupid thing? Not their fault, it is this dufus laptop! Argh!

And my son, who lives in Paris, France and yes he was there during Paris’s 9-11 but he was at home and safe, is now partying the New Year In at Times Square in NYC! Argh!

Well, let my call my Geek and get this stupid thing fixed yet again! and say a prayer or more for protection for my son!



Oh oh, who let the cat out?

Burton created a monster today! We were sitting out on our deck and one of our cats, D.C. was hollering cuz he wanted to come out.. Burton got up and went inside. Something told me he was up to no good and I was right…. he put D.C. on a leash and brought him out on the deck through the sliding glass door from the dining room. Later he went in and I was sitting on the deck reading and listening to D.C. throwing a fit because he wanted to come out. Then he got quiet. The mother in me said quiet when ‘kids’ are around is not a good thing. I looked up and saw D.C. come around the corner of the fireplace. I picked him up (not exactly an easy thing cuz he is a fat boy) and peeked around the corner. Just what I figured… DC. created a screen door opening so he could come out, too. D.C. earned his name. Perhaps Burton did, too…. here’s your sign!

Work in Progress: Self Portrait with Update and Completed!

I felt like doing a portrait so I picked one of my selfies I took a couple of years ago. Here is the Selfie and the WIP.

Selfie – JRS (C)



[All art posted here is copywritten and may not be used for any purpose without permission from me, the Artist. Anyone who does will be persecuted to all extent of the law.]

Let it Snow!

I’ve always loved snow and I had the blessing of living in Salisbury Center, NY and Dolgeville, NY for approximately 7 years though not all at the same time! But I loved living in the woods and walking through mounds of snow just for the fun of it. I also lived in the village of Dolgeville and loved walking about in town and out of town and trudging through the fields!

Where I live now, in Norfolk, Va, we get snow from time to time but it isn’t too much and it usually doesn’t stay around for long. I will post some pictures of a few Norfolk snowfalls then what I really miss!

Norfolk, Va snowfall: Pictures taken from my house.

Yes! I love it when it gets like this which isn’t often. Right now our temperatures have been in the 60’s and 70’s which depresses me some, come on, it is winter and with winter we should have snow!!!!!

Kilmarnock, VA. I use to watch a friends 6 pets while they went out of town. They live on a Cove that empties into the Chesapeake Bay.

The rest of the pictures remind me of the scenes I knew from Herkimer County, NY. I may be a native Norfolkian but I get homesick for Salisbury Center and the Dolgeville, NY area!

This is the Covered Bridge in Salisbury Center, NY. In the Spring and Summer there were often Baptisms performed there. (Water is always freezing no matter what time of year!)

  I use to work here at the Daniel Green Slipper Company.

I will post more pictures as I find them.


In a sketchy mood

I was in the mood to do some sketching today, normally I crochet on Saddle Up Saturday (INSP channel) but when the art mood hits I catch!

I have been searching for literally decades for a Precious Moments “Autumn Praise” snow globe like the one I had a long time ago and today I found one on Ebay! I was soooo excited! (Yes, I will need to figure out how to add some water to it because some has evaporated but I don’t care!) And being as I have been in a very Autumn mood lately especially since we have been having the color season lately which is real strange because we are almost a month past the season for it! Yeah, it usually is in the middle of October and here it is December 12! That is okay, I am totally enjoying it as much as one can when one is sick and can’t go out much.

So, here are some pics of the sketch I made: a portrait of myself with a rake… yes that weird looking thing in my hand is a rake. Hey, it is only a sketch!





[All art posted here is copywritten and may not be used for any purpose without permission from me, the Artist. Anyone who does will be persecuted to all extent of the law.]

Bob Ross

I use to watch the Joy of Painting when my kids were little and actually painting along with Bob Ross a couple of times. Unfortunately I have no idea where those pictures took off to.

Today I bumped into Bob Ross on Youtube and began watching him, Then I was chatting with my younger brother and he showed me a video called  “Happy Little Clouds.” It is a video somebody did using Bob;s favorite sayings and I loved it, so I am going to share it with you!

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