A Rainy Day with the Geek Squad.

What I did today while spending forever online with Geek Squad…. ran into some malware once, got that fixed, ran into more malware! Argh!

   JRS (C)

I am “a bit of a clutz” and seem to attract all kinds of unusual situations so as you see my poor Guardian Angel has her hands full trying to protect me! Last I heard they were petitioning the Father for backup!

JRS (C) 2014

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I love Autumn!

I love quilting, hand quilting, ask my boys – they had a ton of quilts when they were growing up. I have made and given quilts to family and friends until there was no one else to give to so I began making them for me again. This is a quilt  I made a few years ago. It was a pattern I found in a book by “The Thinbleberrries.” It is called “Pine Grove”. Besides the fact that I love pine trees, I love Autumn and all the glorious colors thereof. Another interesting fact is that I live on “Pine Grove Ave!”  😀

Dreams and my favorite season

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year, the drama of color and dancing leaves, the time when the air cools off and I can wear snuggly clothes, hot chocolate weather….  of course there are a lot of climate changes and right now it is quite warm out.

I woke up this morning from having dreams from when I was growing up (still growing up but in a different way), those days when I would take long walks, run, bike, go to the beach at Ocean View in Norfolk, Va, just being a preteen and a teen. I longed for those days so today I decided to take a long walk. Though I don’t live in the same neighborhood (that neighborhood is maybe 10 miles away) I decided to walk to 7-11 which was one of my favorite destinations. It was almost 4 miles from my house, it took over an hour, was sweating due to the Autumn weather we are having now is warm. It felt good, like I was  a child again but now my feet are buzzing and my back is stiff… I guess I will have to do it more often so I can feel like I did when I was young instead of feeling like a much older kid!

This picture is (C) Copywritten by JRS.

The Middle East

                                    (C) Copywritten. No one has permission to use this image without permission from me.

As a person and as a Christian I stand amazed of the pure hatred that can consume the heart of people so much that they murder people and think nothing of it! This past week the Palestinians tried to totally burn down the Burial Place of Joseph. Why? Hatred. I honesty believe that thought these people are following orders  to such hate crimes, I don’t think they actually know the real reason it is all being done. Granted the Israelites are God;s chosen people and I’m sure that puts a burr on the pants of the Terrorists but really, murder everyone in the name of Allah or Isis or some other terrorist group? That is pure evil which is being demonstrated to the world! This pure evil has been trying to dispose of Israel since God created His Chosen people and gave them their own country. Big example is the Holocaust – Hitler and his evil army of the Third Reicht tried to totally wipe out the Jewish people! And would you believe that there are places that teach the Holocaust never happened?  But look, God didn’t allow all the Jews to be exterminated, He had Jews that had escaped the country and others that actually lived through the tortures of the Holocaust and they multiplied just as God told them to do in the beginning. History shows that the Jews did multiply and God returned them to their country – a country about the size of New Jersey! And all these terrorist zombies who can’t think for themselves want to destroy a tiny country called Israel because they are chosen by God. Hmmmmm sounds like the incident between Cain and Able – Cain got angry because God accepted Able’s offerings and not his and he killed him.

And we mustn’t forget all the other threats going on in the world, the countries striving to gain the nuclear bomb and those that have the bomb and are making threats against America and other Countries. Our world is not a safe haven.

And now Russian, Putin doing what he pleases, bombing Syria and more and America who is suppose to be Israel’s ally (not so much since Obama started changing foreign policy) is doing nothing to protect Israel. America is turning her back on Israel and is about to reap what she is sowing! Americans need to repent of their sins before it is too late!

Introducing Mersea.


My name is Julia Ruane-Smith but I am known as Mersea.  A little about myself. I am 59, a Christian, I am an artist, am married to my soulmate ( a gift from God!),  a Breast Cancer Survivor, I am a native Norfolkian (from Norfolk, Va – the worlds largest Military Base – does this make me nervous? YES!!!!!)  I have two grown sons from my first marriage, have worked with K9 New Life Center 9 [http://www.k9newlife.org/] (which is a no kill dog rescue and we have fostered over 50 dogs), have one dog that had been a foster but was quite needy and no one wanted him – their loss!, and we have three cats – we rescued 2 cats from friends of my youngest son and one cat we rescued from a rescuer! Our cats are quirky: Misty (rescued from a rescuer) has an anxiety problem and is on meds to keep her calm, D.C. a fat cat who thinks he is a dog, a computer geek, often walks through the house talking loudly with a weird language for a cat, and E.T, Tripp (Tripp for short) – when we got him his face was the the shape of “a grey alien”, still does but now it is hairy, he is black with gold eyes, and is mute… he sounds like static but he doesn’t care and he loves to hold a conversation with you, he is also a bit cat challenged – sometimes he can’t judge heights, he loves to run and slide, and more.

I am not the most computer saavy person but I play around and learn…. ha ha ha …. I was playing around a little while ago and totally deleted my Blogspot and couldn’t figure out how to undelete it! Haven’t figured out how to get to my Gmail either! Welcome to my world! Thank God I have Geek Squad- they rescue me all the time!

Ok, enough for now. I have to figure out how to post pictures and change settings and colors and etc. If I disappear you can be sure it is because I hit something I shouldn’t have!

God bless!


PS. You will notice I change my hair styles a lot…. I can’t seem to figure out which one I like best. Also you may see me wearing a short wig or something else, they are from the era when I was going through chemo.