A poem I wrote this morning.

Pause, listen…

Hear the sound of wind
rustling in the leaves…

Hear the drone of traffic
in the distance…

Hear the songs of the little birds
perched in the trees…

Hear the humming of the heater
warming your room…

Hear the sound of a mumbled conversation
of people walking by…

Hear the whistle of a train
as it heads off into the distance…

Hear the rumble of thunder
rolling across the clouded sky…

Hear the sound of a car
passing by your house…

Hear the swoosh of a memory
rising to the surface of your mind…

You are hearing the Voice of God
whispering private messages
from His lips
to the ears of your heart….

Let them who have ears hear.

Mersea Ruane
08 March 2019

It’s 2019…. Make-over year!!!!!

This year there will be many changes in my life! I started off by legally changing my name to Mersea Ruane… the name means “Covered by the merciful blood of Christ.” How did I come up with that meaning? Mersea (mer-cy) is obvious. In my research I discovered Ruane means “The Red One.” Some people say it is because the Ruane’s have red hair…. or as one story goes, an Irishman on the East Coast of Ireland got into a fight with an upper crust Englishmen and killed him so he ran away because he knew he would be hanged for his crime. At one point he stopped at a house to ask for help, they opened the door to find a man standing there covered in blood. He explained his plight and they took him in, named him Ruane because he was “red.”

Ruane is a family name, have always loved it…. when I began writing stories at a young age I used the name Julia Ruane Smith as a pen name. After the research I wasn’t really keen on the story behind it so kept looking for a new last name but kept coming back to Ruane. One day it came to me, so to speak, I am covered by the merciful blood of Christ… from that point on the name has held a whole new meaning to me. Thus I took the name Mersea Ruane.

Little by little I am redoing my wardrobe (been a long time), and I am following a program called “21 Day Brain Detox” created by Dr Caroline Leaf to renew my brain, get rid of negative thinking and all kinds of other things.

I’m a new creation,
I’m a brand new man
Old things are passed away,
I’ve been born again!

Anyone remember that song?

Many things have been changing, I was invited to start doing Prophetic Painting at David’s Tent 757 in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and do it every month, I was asked to Paint at a Women’s Retreat that was held recently, I’ve been asked to be on a panel at a Prophetic Workshop to talk about Prophetic Painting, will be going on a missions trip to Washington DC (now that is a missions field!!!!!) to man the David’s Tent on the Capitol Lawn and paint there, too. (In case you don’t know, my normal artistic genre is color pencil… the painting genre started at the prompting of the Holy Spirit – I had nothing to do with it! And I am working on reopening my Etsy Store “A View from a Heart of Mersea.”

Like I said… it is make-over year! And God is making me over! ๐Ÿ˜€

Here is the Prophetic Painting from the Women’s Retreat

A Mersea adventure!

I think I need to write a book about some of the stupidest things I’ve done… just got home from one of those ‘adventures!’ Enjoy!

I had done some shopping and came out of Walmart only to discover that I had locked my keys in my car… on the console – no clue how I did that! At first I thought maybe someone had broke into the car , stole something , and being nice took the keys out of the ignition and put it on the console, yeah, I know, that was a stupid thought!

Okay, before we go further, let me explain some things so you will understand why things happened they way they did. We recently painted my car and the door lock on the drivers side
got broke so we had to buy one from the junk yard therefore we had to have a key made just for that door. That key was in the car. I had already discovered when I took the spare set of keys out of my purse that I didn’t have a spare key for that door… my hubby had it on his key chain… I remembered saying I was going to have another key made for my spare keys which of course I hadn’t done. Also, they had to disconnect the passenger side lock so I couldn’t unlock that door therefore I couldn’t get into the car. “Priceless!”

Anyways, for the first time ever this year I had left the windows cracked (don’t know why because I’ve become paranoid someone will break into my car and steal it therefore I don’t leave the windows cracked – okay, GOD MADE ME DO IT! โ˜บ๏ธ ) and the passenger side window was open more than the drivers side. I put the pizza I had bought to cook later on top of the car and went around to the door but realized the window wasn’t open enough to be able to get my arm through so I started to call AAA meanwhile I got my pizza and set it in the shade of the truck next to me.

There was a gentleman in that truck next to me so I asked him if he had a wire hanger which he didn’t. Then I thought I might have one in the trunk so I opened the trunk with the spare key, nope…. I remember having one in there, musta got taken out when it got cleaned out. ๐Ÿคจ Well, I knew it was possible to get into the back seat from the trunk so I asked the gentleman in the truck if he knew how to do it, he said No, cuz he wasn’t a master thief and I said Yeah, me either so that’s out, and we laughed.

I went back to the passenger door and pushed on the window and “for some reason” opened maybe another inch. I looked at it and hung up with AAA before they answered (I was on hold), I thought I could now get my arm in it. I tried but the metal was really hot so I was getting burnt. I remembered I had an eye glass cleaner towel in my purse so I got it out and the gentleman gave me a bottle of water to wet the towel down. Yes, we were still cracking up.

I wet it down, wrapped my arm with it and tried to get my arm in the window. Eventually got it partway through the window but not far enough to bend my elbow so I could unlock the door so I pulled my arm out and stood there for a moment thinking. Then I had this brilliant thought “I was using my right arm and that arm would be bigger than my other one because I’m right handed!” So I switched arms, rewet the towel and got my arm in and eventually got the arm in and the door unlocked!

Yeah! I shouted “Praise God! Halleluia!” We had church until I discovered I couldn’t get my arm out! ๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Guess it musta swelled. Meanwhile the gentlemans son came to the truck, got in and was drinking something when he saw that there was on an old gray haired woman with a Amish looking straw hat on her head with her arm stuck in the window in the car next to the truck! His mouth dropped open and said “What in the world?” Hope he didn’t get his drink all over himself!

While I was standing there laughing I said to the gentleman, “Hey, the door is unlocked, would you go in the car and get the keys, open the drivers door and open the window?” So he got out of the truck, got the keys, and went around to the driver door and I explained about which key to use. Meanwhile I poured some more water over the towel and started working my arm again and suddenly my arm slid out of the window! I had church again!

After we had a good laugh and I thanked the man for his help, I picked up my pizza, which was probably already starting to cook, got in the car and headed home. I called the hubby, who was at a friends house helping his friend build his new house, I knew he would have enjoyed the story and so would his friends, I keep the hubby entertained. Hope he wasn’t on a ladder cuz, needless to say he laughed pretty good!

I wish someone had been there to video this escapade! It would have gone viral, I’m sure!!!!!! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

Oh yeah, before all this happened I had stopped into the Eye Glass Shop and was talking to the Optician. I saw he had the blue blocker stuff on his glasses like I do so I asked him if he ever saw the purply blue color on the inside of the glasses when light hit it from behind. Of course he said no and he had never heard of anyone who had, you are not suppose to see the blue color on the inside of the glasses. I asked him if he ever saw glitter like lights along the edge of the glasses or on the top of his cheek… of course not and he had never heard of anyone who had. He told me I must be special…. he had no clue how right he was!

Be who God meant for you to be!

Sometimes there are people that come into our life that feel they have the right to form you into what they think you, as a believer, should be, they may be well meaning but mislead. They can cause a lot of pain and harm within a person which can take a lot to straighten out.

I had some people like that in my life once and it has taken me a long time, many years to overcome what they tried to do. Today, as I was journaling, they came to mind and I decided to write to them about what they did. I thought I would share it with you:

“It was wrong of you to try to make me be someone
” You thought I should be”

instead of letting me be

“Who God made me to be!”

He made me to be me – not someone else or someone’s ‘Mini Me!” He made me to be a particularly special example of who He is โ€“ the creative God – and creative people are just as spiritual as anyone else – we just ‘illustrate’ God in ways some other people weren’t created to. We still learn, pray, worship, preach, teach, serve, minister, share, witness to others, and are used by the Holy Spirit, just like you do.
You shouldn’t have judged me because you didn’t understand me, you shouldn’t have tried to change me because YOU thought there was something wrong with me! There was nothing wrong with me, I was just as much as a spiritual person as you, I just ‘had’ a different calling than you, different talents…

Each of us has God’s DNA in us, each one’s DNA is different so each of us displays God with a different sparkle.โ€

I forgive you.

“Living Water”

In my last blog I showed you some sketches and a finished piece of art that was inspired during a 23 prayer gathering called David’s Tent 757. Well, here is the finished piece for the last sketch.

The name is “Living Water,” it was inspired by a song which of course I can’t remember right at this second. It took me a while to get the picture finished due to all kinds of lifey type stuff interfering. So without further a due, here is the process of it coming together!

And please feel free to tell me why you like this picture, how you connect with it, how it makes you feel.

Worship Sketches from David’s Tent757

In our area we know have started a celebration of Praise and Worship once a month called David’s Tent 757,https://www.facebook.com/DavidsTent757/, we spend a full 24 hours of Praise and Worship with live music, sometimes streaming music, art worship, and flag waving. Below are a couple of the sketches I have done during David’s Tent 757. (We are distantly related to the David’s Tent, https://www.facebook.com/DavidsTentDc/, that has been going on in Washington, DC for over a year and a half.

Here is the first sketch but haven’t done a finished piece as of yet:

I called it “We pour out our Praise.”

The sketch:

The finished piece:

Another sketch:

Will add the finished piece if I get to finish it or create it another.